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What, How, Why - Who am I?

Jun 02, 2021

Over the last 15 years, I’ve helped leading companies and their leaders push through their own ‘plateau’.

What, How, Why – Who am I?

Most leaders are feeling like you, you have arrived at the upper echelons of management. Through sheer hard work and by showing up every day, you’ve weathered the storms, gained valuable experience, and at last created a solid career for yourself.

But, for some unknown reason, you feel as if you’ve hit a plateau;

  • That career fire you once had in your belly is no longer burning as bright,
  • Grappling with feelings of anxiety and inadequacy is a daily occurrence,
  • You’re asking yourself, “I thought I had it all. So why am I feeling so

You did everything you were meant to do. You studied hard, got the grade, showed up and hustled every day. But you’re feeling disconnected and alone. A gaping hole is growing inside you, and at times you may even be engaging in self-destructive behaviours – losing yourself in your work or letting old demons get the better of you.

Your personal life is suffering, too. You’re spending less time with your family and even when you’re there, you’re not being mentally present with them. The good news is that you’re not alone. And you are just three simple steps away from getting your mojo back!

The reason it’s most important is for you, those around you and for the people in your teams and organisation so they can feel they’re more than just a paycheck, I help you to:

► Bring a sense of fulfilment and meaning to the way your teams work;
► Develop conscious leaders and align your whole organisation;
► Ensure your people are reaching peak performance

Here are some ways I can help you, your team, and your organisation :

KEYNOTES – Online or In-House

I deliver inspiring online, in-house or conference keynotes that guide leaders on how to:

  • lift themselves off their plateau
  • harness the power of their authentic purpose
  • create heartfelt, real and meaningful connections
  • boost performance and brand loyalty

In the last 10 years, I’ve seen more keynote speakers and workshop facilitators, than I’ve had hot dinners. So it’s important to understand that for me Joris P. Cuesta is in one word – Brillant! Able to take a conventional business setting to another level – creative, engaging and with a laser-focused content – Mark G.


TRAINING/WORKSHOPS – 90Day Team Alignment Program

Hire me to work with your leaders & teams on how to lift themselves off their plateau, feel empowered, show up, & serve better. Sample topics:

  • Plateau Hacking in the face of Uncertainty
  • Consciously Planning Post Covid19
  • Hiring on Purpose
  • Humanising Your Business

I was lucky enough we be apart of Joris’ 90 day program. Joris helped our team immensely. Session after session he pushed us out of our comfort zone, pushing us out of our own plateau closer to success because he believed in us. Personally, as one of the youngest team members, Joris helped to boost my confidence, find my voice and speak my truth. There was also a huge shift in our team with managing projects more efficiently and planning effective… – Jessica S.


ONLINE ACADEMY FOR LEADERS – Plateau Hacking Immersive – 12weeks online program for Leaders with 1on1 mentoring

I’m obsessed with transformation. Let me help unlock your hidden potential. If you’re ready to escape toxic cycles and create lasting change, let’s chat.

  • Leadership: The courage to shape a better future.
  • Enabling leaders to reach their next peak performance

The online Academy has exceeded all my expectations and enabled me as a leader to grow, show up differently, reconect with my job and peers. I can finally bring my whole self to work, bee seen, heard and contributing everyday – Alan C.

My questions for you today: Building up your intrinsic leadership skills will get you unstuck and thriving! – You have what it takes to go bigger, deeper, better lead, inspire and make a lasting contribution but, the real question is will you do what it takes?

Keep stretching – the world, your loved ones, team, and your business need you!


Referred to as the Plateau Hacker, Joris is a Speaker, Trainer and Mentor helping CEOs, executives and leaders get unstuck and thrive. It’s time to unlock the full potential of your leaders and their teams to reach their next peak performance.

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Programs: Find out more about Joris’s Coaching and Mentoring Programs

Keynotes: Unique, warm & authentic, he delivers a message that inspires everyone to engage deeper and think bigger. Book Joris to speak at your next event. I’m interested.

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